Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Act entitles anybody to ask a public authority in England, Wales or Northern Ireland, including Government departments, for any recorded information that they keep.

Asking for Information

It is preferable that you make your request in writing by letter or email to the address below.

Declining a Request

We will release the information unless there's a good reason for not doing so - for example if your request relates to the personal details of another person. If we decline the request, we will set out why. We can be asked to reconsider our decision. If the request is still declined there is a right to apply directly to the Information Commissioners Office for a decision.

The Cost of Providing the Information

A lot of information may be supplied free of charge. However, sometimes you may have to pay a fee, either to cover administration costs, or to pay photocopying or postage costs, or because of the expense involved in finding and supplying the information.

FOI Requests

You can submit a FOI request by email to When making your request, please ensure you provide a name, and contact address. Whilst we always try to reply to you using email if this is your preferred method of communication, we strongly advise that you include a postal address when contacting us so that this can be used in case of delivery problems with your email service.

Alternatively, you can use the following address:

FOI, Governance Team, St Charles Health & Wellbeing Centre, Exmoor Street, W10 6DZ