LCW to adopt NHS111/IUC Workforce Blueprint

Following a  staff consultation, LCW will be implementing the NHS111/ Integrated Urgent Care Workforce Blueprint for specific staff groups who use NHS Pathways within the 111 call centre.

The workforce blueprint will help LCW improve recruitment and retention as it provides a clear depiction of employment opportunities available to staff and gives them a vision of the future in terms of how their career might develop.

It will also ensure we continue to build a multi-disciplinary workforce capable of responding to the needs of an ageing and evolving patient population.

The consultation, which took place in October, focused on seeking agreement with the relevant staff groups to amend the current job descriptions and included a review of remuneration for specific roles.

Conan O’Neill, Deputy Chief Executive, explains: “NHS 111 has grown from four pilots in 2010 to a  service accessed by 16 million people annually and it’s now the principal route into urgent care services.

“A key component to 111 is our workforce and without them we just do not have a good service.

“This new initiative continues LCW’s longstanding commitment to staff and their development within the organisation, and we hope this will provide current and future employees the opportunity to further enhance career development and advance essential skills that help LCW in its philosophy of delivering high quality care to the patients we serve.”

Following the consultation with our care navigators, health advisors, coaches, trainers, auditors, supervisors, and senior operations co-ordinators, LCW will now be introducing new job descriptions which include relevant elements of the blueprint, underscored by specific competencies and skills to measure performance and aid progression through the blueprint framework.

Salaries for a number of roles are also expected to increase in keeping with the blueprint. “As a result of this welcome development, we anticipate a reduction in leavers as feedback from staff exit interviews cites pay as a significant factor for staff leaving LCW,” added Conan O’Neill.

The NHS111/IUC Workforce Blueprint is the result of a close partnership between NHS England, Health Education England and NHS 111/IUC providers and commissioners.

The following URL provides a brief video which summarises some of core elements of the NHS 111/IUC Workforce Blueprint and how this will benefit staff and patients.